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Text Description: Lifecycle of an ARF Flowchart

The diagram is a flowchart that documents the Access Control Process (ARF) in a number of steps.

  1. User submits an "Access Request Form."
  2. The Request Tracker (RT) ticketing system assigns an owner based on Object Type. Initial state is set to "new."
    • RT ticket may be "rejected" directly or by manager, or
    • RT ticket may be "approved" by manager or "approved" and subsequently "rejected."
  3. If "approved" the owner assigns the ticket to staff.
    1. Staff works the ticket and allows the user access during the "granting" phase.
    2. Ticket is then set to "activated."
  4. "Revoking" access can occur either:
    • after RT sends mail to the Approver asking for verification that the access is still needed. If no response is received from the Requestor, then the Ticket's status is changed to "stale". Staff will be notified of tickets with the status of "stale." Staff then change the ticket to "revoking" or back to "activated."
    • via a "Revocation Request" Form, which requestors may optionally complete.
  5. Staff work "revoking" tickets to remove access for the end user. After access is revoked, ticket status is changed to "resolved."