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May 2016

Ed Tech Update
What's happening in Ed Tech? Support for final grade submission is available. End of the semester drop-in sessions are being offered. Basic MyU Portal grade submission troubleshooting is documented. And Canvas applications are nearly due.
U-Wide Next Generation Network Project
The University of Minnesota has embarked on a mission-critical project to upgrade its networks (wired and wireless).
Phone Upgrade Project
ITSS continues our project to move 3700 telephones from our Nortel voice systems to our Avaya Aura systems.
IT Service Continuity During a Power Outage
When the power was disrupted for over two hours last week, UMD had a mostly positive experience with technology. This is due to Operational Continuity planning.
QuickTime for Windows is Unsupported
Windows users who don't need QuickTime should uninstall it.
Goodbye, Windows 7; Hello, Windows 10
Windows 10 will soon be the standard Windows Operating System at UMD.
Captioning Challenges When Someone Else Owns the Copyright
A new solution helps solve a major issue for captioning 3rd party video.
WCAG Principles and Implementation
The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) has 4 guiding principles. Implementing them places people at the center of your web site.
New ITSS Staff
We're pleased to announce the recent hire of two new ITSS staff members.