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NetFiles Changes

NetFiles was upgraded on Saturday, August 27, 2011, to version 7. New features include:

  • A new share feature that makes it easier to share files
  • Advanced upload feature allows for uploading multiple files or entire folders at once with drag and drop
  • LDAP groups which allow IT staff to manage groups for departments and colleges
  • Users no longer need to sign up to use NetFiles

Changes to NetFiles

  • Some users create a "ticket" in order to share documents in NetFiles. This ticket creates a URL/link providing people access to a file or folder stored in NetFiles. Password-protected tickets will not work after the upgrade and will need to be recreated (which is easier with the new share feature).
  • The URL for NetFiles has changed, which means existing bookmarks will not work. If you follow an old bookmark and log in to NetFiles, you will come to a blank screen and it will appear that you have no files in your NetFiles account. To access NetFiles, go to and re-bookmark the page.
  • The new version of NetFiles has a new look. If you had used the feature of creating "bookmarks" with the old version with direct links to certain folders on the left navigation of NetFiles, that is gone. To find those bookmarks in the new version, look for the Bookmarks tab at the top left of the screen, right above the U of M-logo.

An introductory video is available.