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OIT Offers Microsoft Work-at-Home Option

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has partnered with e-academy to offer the Microsoft Work-at-Home option, an additional benefit of the Microsoft Campus Agreement, to allow faculty and staff system wide who use Microsoft Office programs, as well as the Windows operating system, on their University-owned computers, to use a second copy of a limited selection of products on either a laptop or desktop computer that he or she personally owns or leases. The software may be used only for work-related purposes and only during the term of the campus agreement. The Work-at-Home licenses to not apply to students, unless they also are an employee.

Strict guidelines govern the use of these products on personally owned computers for work purposes. Those who wish to purchase the Work-at-Home license are required to agree to and digitally sign a Faculty and Staff License Agreement during the check-out process before the purchase can be completed.

Products are available to download from the e-academy Work-at-Home web store, OnTheHub, for approximately $10. Users also have the option to order the products on CD for approximately $21. Complete and current fees are listed on the website. The direct link to the e-academy U of M Higher Education WebStore is

Microsoft products also are offered at educational prices for personal use, in the event that users are unable to agree to the terms of the Work-at-Home agreement and want to use the products for personal use, as well.

For more information and the latest news about these products, visit the OIT Software License UTools Windows and Office websites for the latest news and offerings of these products, at Office (Microsoft) and Windows Operating System (OS) Upgrade (Microsoft).