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Active Directory Project Nears End of Phase 1

Over the summer, we continued our work on moving workstations on campus units to Active Directory (AD) services. We expect to complete the few remaining groups during September. Once the last Novell data has been migrated, we will be decommissioning our Novell servers in October as planned.

At that time, we will have added over 1500 computers to AD, and will have moved 4 terabytes of data from our Novell server to our AD file server. This process has been a huge undertaking of staff time and talent, and we are glad to be nearing the end of the first phase.

The second phase will involve adding non-Windows computers to AD services. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has been working to purchase software that will allow Macintosh and Linux workstations to use Active Directory services for authentication and security updates. We expect the pilot study to begin fall semester, and may be able to offer this service to our campus spring semester.