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How is Educational Technology at UMN Working for You?

We need your feedback! During the month of October a sample of faculty and students will have an opportunity to provide feedback for the 2011 UMN Technology Survey. In general, the surveys are designed to gather information about faculty and student experiences with and perceptions of educational technology.

Why is This Important?

We believe that data from these surveys can help administrators, faculty members, educational technologists, students, and others to form a comprehensive picture of the use of educational technology at the University of Minnesota. We also hope that survey data will be useful in the creation of programs and infrastructure surrounding digital technology, such as faculty development programs, technology-enhanced learning activities, and technology support systems for students and faculty members.

What Should I Do?

  • For the Student Technology Survey: Raise awareness and encourage your students to complete this important survey if they are in the sample. Ask your students how they feel about this recent UMD Statesmen article, Technology and school: A dangerous combination.
  • For the Faculty Technology Survey: Watch your inner campus mailbox and email inbox to see if you are in the sample.
  • For more information: please visit the Technology Surveys website.