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Moving your UMCal data to Google Calendar

If you completed the transition to a University Google account and have items in UMCal that you want to place in your Google calendar, it will be necessary for you to manually export your calendar data file, known as your "ics" file, and import it into Google.

You will need to complete this before UMCal is decommissioned on September 30.

To move information from your UMCal to your Google Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Using the UMCal desktop client, select File then select Export Data. Choose iCalendar file as the export file format. Click Continue
  2. Choose a date range of items to be transferred from UMCal to Google Calendar. Save the file to your desktop. (OIT recommends All).
  3. Open your Google Calendar in a web browser and select Calendar Settings.
  4. Select the Calendars tab, then click Import Calendar.
  5. Click Browse to locate the exported calendar file you created, and select the Google calendar (work, personal, etc) into which you want to import the UMCal items.
  6. Click Import. View your Google Calendar to verify the entries were created.

Some limitations of which you should be aware:

  • Recurring meetings will export and import but will not be associated with each other, and will appear its own meeting. You may need to manually add recurring meetings.
  • Attendees and resources will not be imported with meetings. You will need to re-invited attendees and resources.
  • Reminder notifications will be sent based on what you have set as the default in your Google calendar.
If you do not use the UMCal desktop application, or if you need assistance retrieving your calendar information, contact the ITSS HelpDesk (218.726.8847).