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Changes for the Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab

For many years the Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab (VizLab) has been a cooperative effort among ITSS, SCSE, and SFA while also supporting faculty research for the whole campus. Recently, a group of faculty and Lisa Fitzpatrick were able to secure a very substantial grant that will engender some fundamental changes in how the VizLab works. There may be a change in location to accommodate a professional HD video/3D motion capture studio. Moreover, the lab will continue to be an interdisciplinary research area. This, coupled with other changes and re-organization on campus, made now a good time to rethink mission and reporting lines for Lisa and the lab.

The result of that reevaluation is that Lisa and the VizLab will move into SFA. We believe that this reporting structure will simplify the process of adjusting the mission of the facility.

ITSS looks forward to continued collaboration with Lisa and SFA. Despite the fact that Lisa will no longer report to ITSS, she will remain our valued colleague. We anticipate great new things for the VizLab and for Lisa in the years to come.