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Google+ is Now Available

The University of Minnesota has added Google+ to the list of Google apps that are available to students, faculty, and staff who already have a U of M Google account. In the coming days, users will begin seeing the link for Google+ in their list of available Google Apps. They will have the option to use Google+ to connect with colleagues, coworkers, and friends at the U of M and beyond.

The University of Minnesota is proud to be among a small handful of universities that are partnering with Google to make Google+ available to its users on its worldwide launch on October 27, 2011. The opportunity for the University to be early adopters of Google+ helps to enhance our position as a leader in institutional technology. Some of these include Arizona State, Boise State, the University of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest University, as well as universities in Egypt, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Mexico, and Italy. You can read Google’s announcement on the official Google Enterprise Blog.

How Google+ Can be Used on Campus

Students can share their thoughts with a project group, friends, or family circle; have a Hangout with up to nine classmates; keep up with their connections from their mobile device. Faculty can host virtual office hours in Hangouts; share information with their class circles; share published articles with those that might be interested. Staff can use Hangouts to meet with a distributed team; share information with a project circle; keep in touch with colleagues, students, and faculty. You are encouraged to explore this tool and learn how it might be useful to your college, department, or unit.

We hope that by opening up tools like this for the University, people will begin to innovate and discover new ways to collaborate. We hope you find value in the capabilities that Google+ provides.

General Google+ Resources

Visit Google Apps for the University of Minnesota Duluth for further information or contact