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Use Google Docs instead of waiting for one of those expensive Active Learning Classrooms...What?!?

Have you ever wanted to use one of those specialized Active Learning Classrooms (ALC)?

Well, now you don't have to wait. While the ALC environment offers the following opportunities, we have found that these same opportunities are possible within traditional classrooms with the use of Google Docs:

  • Cooperative learning environments that encourage student collaboration and peer teaching.
  • Technology that allows students to easily present work for review by peers and instructors.
  • Furniture designed to facilitate small-group work. (note: may need to get creative for those large classrooms with bolted down seats etc.)
  • The ability for instructors to interactively coach students during activities.
  • New options for student interaction and class structure.

How is This Possible?

Within all of our General Purpose Classrooms, and some departmental owned classrooms, there is standard equipment which includes a wireless connection, overhead projector and projection screen. If you create a Google Doc for each group and ask students to bring their laptops/iPads (or at least a laptop/iPad per group), you now have the potential to offer a cooperative, collaborative, interactive learning environment. The potential is endless!

Interested in Putting This Idea Into Action?

Contact Jason Davis (jdavis, x8782), Amanda Evans (amevans, x7680) or Bruce Reeves (breeves, x6831). For more information about Google Apps in general, read this short article: 7 Things you Should Know About Google App's (PDF).