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Using an AD Computer Off Campus

If your laptop has been added to Active Directory services, you will still be able to use it on any network. However, there are a few items to note to make this process as smooth as possible when using it off campus.

Sign in to your workstation at least once while on campus
You must be on the University network the first time you sign in to your computer.

Install the UMD AnyConnect VPN client and sign in to it prior to signing in to AD
The AnyConnect VPN client allows you to sign in to the UMD VPN service immediately on starting up your computer (before signing in to AD). This is the best way to ensure that you will be able to sign in to and access all UMD services, including AD file storage.

"Elevated Access Rights" require you to sign in 2 (two) times while on the UMD network
When your account has been granted temporary elevated access rights, you will need to sign in and restart your computer twice before they take affect. Note that your computer must be connected to the UMD network during the sign in process. We recommend that you complete this process while on campus if possible.

For details, see: Using an AD Computer Off Campus.