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Virtual Server Update

If you are considering purchasing server hardware for your next project we strongly encourage you to use our virtual server solution instead. ITSS has been working with virtual services (VMWare coupled with Veeam) for several years now. We have many of our critical services running as virtual guests with over 90 systems now running on our VMWare systems.

Many advantages to using our virtual solution exist. For instance we have lowered our power usage by about 15%. Other advantages include:

  • The customer is automatically provided with redundant networks, processing power, and daily snapshots.
  • File restore or snapshot restore is available for systems housed on our VMWare system.
  • Expanding our VMWare system is easy, so if we need more compute power no outage is required to add processing power.

We will be moving more servers to our VMWare system during the January holiday break. Please contact Dan Burrows at 8846 or via email at if you are interested or have questions.