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Web Server Changes

A conversion to an upgraded main web server ( happened on October 31, 2011 at 6 A.M. The system now has more capacity, improved network connectivity, and redundant network connections.

This was more than a usual upgrade, and ITSS started warning customers in August that potentially large changes were coming. Some of the changes included:

  • A conversion from Sun Solaris hardware to a virtual Linux (Debian) server.
  • The most current Apache upgrades on the Debian server.
  • A conversion from PHP4 to PHP5.
  • A conversion from LDAP and CookieAuth authentication to shibboleth authentication.
  • A new upload process using secure FTP.

After the conversion at 6AM a few problems were identified. Some customers reported:

  • "Permission denied" messages during uploads. ITSS staff are working on this issue.
  • Issues with (the new) shibboleth authentication. We are working with them to customize their authentication settings.

Although this was a major conversion with some complicated details the majority of web pages were working by noon on Monday.

Many thanks to those customers that did testing and fixed things before the conversion. Please contact our Help Desk at or 8846 if you have web page issues.