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Enterprise Data Warehouse Server Replacement

The Data Warehouse server will be upgraded to an Exadata server on December 18, 2011. This may or may not have an effect on how you access the Data Warehouse Tables. Listed below are different scenarios of accessing the Data Warehouse and how these scenarios are affected by the move to the Exadata server.

Access to DWPROD via Data Warehouse Web Query Tool (WQT)

For users who access the Data Warehouse tables using the WQT (, this change should be seamless and you will not do anything different.

Access to DWPROD via System or Server

If you access the Data Warehouse through another server, the server will need to be authorized by its IP address in order to access the Exadata server. Only servers whose IP addresses have been submitted to OIT will be able to connect to the Exadata server. Please email the IP address of the connecting server to Phil Husby at

Following migration to the Exadata server, if your server's IP address should change, the new IP address will need to be shared with OIT by sending the new IP address to OIT-BI-

Direct Access to DWPROD via PC or Laptop

If you are a user who directly connects to the Data Warehouse tables using another software product on your PC or laptop, such as Toad, SQL Plus, MS Access or SQL Developer, you have two options for making a connection.

Option 1:

You must first log into the OIT VPN software application prior to making a connection with your software product. Once you are logged on to OIT VPN, you will remain connected until you disconnect from OIT VPN or shut down your computer. In order to install the correct version of VPN on your PC/Laptop, please go to Downloads and Guides web page and use the instructions below to download, install and configure OIT VPN.

  • After installing, open the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client. In the "Connect to" field, enter and click select.
  • Three new fields should display below: Group, Username, and Password.
  • In the Group dropdown, select AnyConnect-OIT03-VP001.
  • This requires you to login with your M-Key.

Option 2:

If you need access to any UMD servers while you are connected to the Data Warehouse, you will not be able to make this connection while using the OIT VPN software application. In this scenario, which overrides the need for using OIT VPN, you will need to contact ITSS at to have your PC IP address put into an IP address range that will allow connection to the new server.

You will also need to set up the connection profiles to the database instances for the new Exadata server on your PC or laptop. The connection profile information for the test database is:

    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(Host = 1521))
      (SERVICE_NAME = dwtst.oit)))

The connection information for the production database is currently being determined by OIT and will be released when finalized. Please contact the ITSS helpdesk , extension 8847, for more information about the connection profile information for the production database, or you may also contact Debbie Wing,, if you need more information to configure your connection to the new server.

When your configuration is complete, be sure to try accessing the Exadata test system and test the queries that you normally run. Please complete your testing in early December in order to allow time to fix any issues that are found.