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UCard Campus Cash Changes Coming Spring / Summer 2012

ITSS is working with the Business Office, Library, Auxiliary Services, UMD Stores, and Chemistry to upgrade to a new technology for campus cash. The new technology will still allow use of the Ucard, but the cash value will live in a secure database instead of being magnetically written to the card.

For the past thirteen years, UMD has supported a method of spending, using the UCard, that relies on a magnetic strip on the card storing cash value. Students, faculty and staff use this by putting cash value on their card at one of several cash-to-card machines around campus and then expending that value by printing in the labs, making copies in the library, purchasing chemistry supplies, and parking in the pay lots. The technology we currently use to do these types of transactions is no longer supported by any vendor.

We will work to publicize this during Spring semester to encourage users to expend as much of the value from their cards as possible by the end of Spring 2012. There will be a process to move cash value from the old system to the new one, but it will require end users to visit an exchange station.

More details will be shared as they emerge. Please contact jdavis if you have any questions or concerns.