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ITSS Managed Database Service

ITSS offers complete packages of hardware, database software, database administration and system administration in support of your data needs. Projects and services are initiated by customer request and are scheduled based upon ITSS staff availability, project priority and project development time.

Models of low cost managed database services include:

  • MySQL database service - fast, reliable, easy to use, and suitable for simple database needs
  • PostgreSQL database service - capable of handling transaction processing

These service offerings are available for campus departments and groups with simple database needs, transaction-processing applications, or to house the database of dynamic web sites. These databases and web sites are generally self-supported by the customer; however, the customer may contract for assistance from ITSS staff on a chargeback basis for time. These services are appropriate for projects that have no restricted, private, or HIPPA data, modest storage requirements, and no complex database design issues. These services provide customers with their own:

  • Dedicated database instance running on a shared database host,
  • Tools for them to manage that own instance, i.e.
  • A supported automation system to handle many of the routine database maintenance tasks

The managed database service will reduce the burden of database administration work for users and provide control within a supported technical environment. There is no charge to the customer using this service as ITSS costs are kept low by using automated processes and sharing the infrastructure with other SQL instances.

For more information please review ITSS managed service.