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Lyris, Enterprise ListManager

During the past year, ITSS has been consulting and training on a method of sending mass email to the campus using an Enterprise tool called Lyris. Lyris ListManager, as it is formally called, is the University's mass email system used to send messages to large audiences.

Lyris offers control over HTML and text and is currently being used for both internal campus and alumni communications. It provides the opportunity to have branding, opt-out options, and attachments within the messages that are being sent out. For information about sending mass email within the University community please visit Mass Email.

The first step to using Lyris begins with determining the electronic communication needs of your unit. Once you have determined how Lyris may be utilized in a productive manner by your unit, ITSS will assist you with:

  • The process of gaining proper access for the users in your unit that will be responsible for sending out mass email
  • Training users in the unit to send your own mass email
  • The definition or generation of selected group email lists, which are the recipients of the mass email from the unit

If you would like a demonstration or more information you may contact the ITSS Help Desk at extension 8847, you may complete an-online service request for help, or you may call Debbie Wing at 726-8784.