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Network Subscriber Management

UMD ITSS staff are participating in a system-wide project to improve how access to networks are provided. Josh Richard, IT Professional, is providing technical expertise, including programming, server configuration, and network expertise. Linda Deneen, Director, is the Executive Sponsor for the project. Other members of the team are from the Office of Information Technology at the Twin Cities Campus.

This project is intended to improve the user experience on the network while at the same time providing better management tools to the technical staff who manage the network and who respond to security breaches. With specialized equipment purchased from the Sandvine corporation, this system is intended to provide a flexible and dynamic model with a profile for each user, regardless of where they connect to the network. It will also include a remediation portal that will allow users to address infected systems.

The next milestone is to use this new system to replace the old system that the Twin Cities campus uses to register users on the residence hall network. If this milestone works well, subsequent steps will begin to provide services at UMD and the other coordinate campuses.