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ITSS Offers Logging Service

The University policy on Enhanced Security for Computers and Other Electronic Devices requires that all servers use a secure logging service, which should include:

  • Server logs must be saved on a separate log server via a one way process.
  • Access to the log server must be restricted.
  • Host security log files must be configured and reviewed for anomalies.
  • Logs must be of sufficient size to provide useful information in case of a security event (at least 90 days of logs unless legal or contractual requirements require longer retention).

ITSS has established a logging server that meets these criteria. We invite campus units running servers to use this service in order to meet audit guidelines. ITSS will charge the staff time required to set up this service, but beyond that we will be providing this service at no charge in support of campus IT security.

If you are interested in this service, please contact the ITSS Help Desk (8847,