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ITSS Offers Virtual Server Solution to Campus Units

ITSS has developed a robust infrastructure of virtual server space, using virtual private server technology. This technology allows us to run multiple virtual servers on a small number of physical servers, thus reducing cost for equipment as well as energy consumption. ITSS staff have converted more than 120 servers to this technology, with more to come. We would like to invite other campus units to use this service as well.

This service assists units in meeting multiple requirements of the University policy on Enhanced Security for Computers and Other Electronic Devices, including:

  • Servers must be in an appropriate and secure physical facility.
  • Servers must be protected by backup and offsite data storage. The offsite storage of backup media must be in a secure University or backup-vendor secure location.
  • IT Professionals are responsible for identifying critical servers and maintaining the security of critical servers. (This will be done by ITSS staff.)

As an incentive to use this service, ITSS will only be billing for staff time to configure, patch, and maintain servers. We will not bill for the cost of the infrastructure and storage.

To request a consultation about whether a virtual server might be right for you, please contact the ITSS Help Desk (8847, and ask to be assigned to the systems team.