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Active Learning Classrooms

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Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) are designed to foster interactive, flexible, student-centered learning experiences, and operate using central teaching stations and student-provided laptops.

Active Learning Classrooms on the Twin Cities Campus

Over the last few years, substantial energy and research has been invested in ALCs on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, including a building comprised of many ALCs. The Twin Cities campus ALC is a modification of the "SCALE-UP" (Student Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Program) concept that originated at North Carolina State University and the TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning) concept at MIT, and uses an adaptation of the Projection Capable Classrooms (PCC) technology system.

A full description of ALC rooms and research findings showing a positive impact on student outcomes can be found at:

Active Learning Classrooms on the UMD Campus

The ITSS Classroom Team is putting together a "sandbox" prototype build of the main components of these classrooms with an eye toward implementing Active Learning Classroom(s) at UMD. Watch for more information late this summer.