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Proposed Rates and Fees for 2012-2013

ITSS is proposing to increase rates for our billable labor services by approximately 2%. We recognize that all University students, staff, faculty and departments have been and continue to be impacted by financial issues, including ITSS. We have worked very hard to maintain most service rates at the FY12 level and to contain overall increases in other service rates.

We are also proposing to increase our student technology access computing fees approximately 1.2%. This fee provides students with Email accounts, access to the modem pool, file storage through Samba, web space, basic access computing stations in the Library, Solon Campus Center, Multicultural Center, and SBE Atrium, access to some electronic Library databases, computer maintenance services, and access to the ITSS Tech Center and Multimedia Hub.

The FY13 fee for full computer lab access will not be increased. It will continue to remain at the level it has been since the Fall 2010 semester. Full computer lab access services offer many services along with the use of specialized application software packages. Page printing costs in the computer labs will continue to remain the same as well.

In setting our rates and fees for the next fiscal year we have:

  1. Followed the University policies and accounting principles that govern internal service organization rate development methodology.
  2. Reviewed and complied with FY13 Budget Planning Guidelines.

A complete listing of our proposed rates and fees information is available on the web for your review at: ITSS Rates and Fees.

We are committed to retaining rates and fees as low as possible while continuing to provide quality support and services. Please feel free to address any questions to Linda Deneen ( or Steve Patterson (

The final rates and fees decisions are pending campus administration review and Board of Regents approval.