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AD SCCM: Symantec scans changed to monthly

Effective September 13, ITSS staff have adjusted the policy for UMD Managed Symantec EndPoint (SEP) 11 clients to require a monthly scan instead of a weekly scan. The change was made as SEP 11 performs more effective live scanning than previous versions, and the monthly scans will be less intrusive.

The change will apply to Managed clients the next time there is a policy update on the computer (generally, when you restart your computer). Users will still have the ability to pause or cancel the scan, but ITSS highly recommends users let it run to completion at least monthly.

If your computer is still running a weekly scan or you are unable to pause/cancel the scan, you are likely running an older client downloaded from the OIT web site. If your computer is on AD and using SCCM, you can upgrade to the UMD Managed client and have the benefits of our customized package. For details on installing software on AD computers, see: Installing software.

Update (10.2.12): The scans are scheduled for 5:00 pm on the 28th of each month. If your computer is off at that time, the scan will start the next time the computer is powered on.