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At Your Service: The Multimedia Hub

The Multimedia Hub offers an array of services.

Photo of Hub students with equipment

Hub Coordinator, Mary Olson-Reed welcomes new and returning faculty to tour the Multimedia Hub. You can discuss what your class can do at the Hub and what the Hub can provide in training that students can use in creating a video presentation. We can demonstrate use of still and video cameras, tripods and different microphones and recording devices for quality audio. For fall class or tour reservations at the Hub call Mary at 726-8544.

The Hub manages UMD's Youtube channel and we can help upload and caption your videos. Other captioning services are available either with software located at the Hub for very short video presentations or the Hub staff can format your video and send it out for captioning services. Prices available by calling Mary 726-8544. The Hub continues to film events and speakers for many departments and upload to UMD's Youtube.

Another service we provide is VHS or DVD conversion for Moodle. This includes any assistance you may need uploading the resulting files.

The UMD community is using the Multimedia Hub more than ever. During Spring semester:

  • 6400 students logged in and over 90 classes used the Hub for class video projects and presentations.
  • Equipment check out totaled 5300 which is over 1000 checkouts from Fall 2011.

Let us help you with your next multimedia project.