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Broadcast Yourself at UMD: YouTube and Google Hangouts On Air

YouTube will join the expanding list of available Google Apps for the University of Minnesota beginning Friday, August 3. The addition of YouTube also enables the Google Hangouts On Air broadcast feature.

When publishing content to YouTube or broadcasting a Hangout On Air, please be mindful that these are public environments where private or protected content, such as Protected Health Information (PHI) should never be shared. For mor information consult Acceptable Use and Data Security on the Google Apps for the University website.


YouTube provides a platform to share and showcase your videos. YouTube’s features enable easy and intuitive uploading and viewing. Now that YouTube is integrated with Google Apps, sharing content with individuals and/or distribution lists is made easy with contact list integration. Access to videos can be shared globally, with a limited audience, or kept private. To access YouTube from your Google Apps start page, select “even more” from the menu bar. Learn more about YouTube.

Hangouts On Air

Accessed through Google+, Google Hangouts enable you to videoconference with up to nine other individuals. Hangouts On Air enable you to take that same conference and broadcast it to the world via your YouTube Channel, Google+ page, and/or any website where you've embedded it. Learn more about Hangouts On Air.

Broadcast a hangout:

Invite circles or individual people to join you in a hangout, then click “start broadcast” to go on air. After a five-second countdown, your hangout will start broadcasting to the public on your Google+ profile, your YouTube channel, and/or on any website where you've embedded it. Recording starts when broadcasting starts. A live player of your hangout will be posted to your Google+ homepage and YouTube channel.

Edit and share the recorded hangout:

Your hangout will be recorded as a public video and will be available on your YouTube channel once it has ended. You will be able to edit the recording when the hangout is over. If you edit your video, your post (including the video URL) will be automatically updated to show the edited version.

Google Groups will go "live" by the end of September

A group is an online environment for discussing items related to a specific subject, such as soccer or Gmail. A group can contain multiple topics. Topics are different discussions related to the group's subject. Topics in a group about soccer might be “What are the rules of the game?” or “Soccer game this Saturday.” Topics can contain multiple posts. Posts are replies from readers to the topic.

Google Groups is a Google product allowing you to create online and email groups. Google Groups is free of charge and available at There's a lot you can do with Google Groups:

  • Engage in discussions about a specific subject.
  • Create a question and answer customer support group for a product, such as a piece of software your company has written.
  • Organize meetings, conferences, or social events among members of a group.
  • Find people with similar hobbies, interests, or backgrounds.
  • Read group posts through email, the online interface, or both.

New applications and enhancements to existing applications will be released on a continuing basis. Some Apps are vetted by the system-wide Google Steering Committee and turned on by our system administrators. Other features are released into our domain by Google on a schedule you can access on the Google Updates Blog.