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TechCenter Offering New Delivery Service

ITSS is now offering on site delivery and set up service for computers that are routed through the TechCenter for set up or repair. The service is available for a flat rate to on campus sites only.

Select "Delivery Service" as an option with any work done at the TechCenter. When your computer is ready to go, an ITSS staff person will contact you to schedule a delivery time. We'll deliver the workstation to your office and make sure you are ready to go. Service includes:

  • Pick up computer from TechCenter and deliver to customer's office (on-campus sites only)
  • Unpack and set up computer.
  • Attach and configure basic accessories (monitors, docking stations, wireless mouse).
  • Verify computer has network access.
  • If on AD, ensure customer has access to N: and P: network drives.
  • Install and configure local and/or network printers.
  • Verify access to email.
  • If data was backed up, ensure access to all data.
  • Verify that standard software suite is installed and functioning (Office, Symantec).
For complete details, see: On Site Delivery and Set up Service.