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Video and Moodle

Video can take up a lot of space, but you want to use it with your Moodle course. What to do?

Use it with your Moodle course.

If you use the "Video resource" option under the "Add a resource..." drop-down menu, Moodle will automatically store the video on a specialized video server. The link is in Moodle, but the video comes from this specialized server. In addition, the video server can detect if the person viewing the video is on a mobile device, desktop computer, has a fast connection, has a slow connection, etc., and will automatically deliver an appropriate version of the video.

If you want the students to upload video into Moodle, you can create a "Video upload" activity from the "Add an activity..." drop-down menu. The videos will be automatically stored on the specialized video server, but you access them from the Moodle activity "Grade submissions" screen just like any other activity in Moodle.

To use this option when creating or uploading video, please be sure to use the Firefox web browser.

To determine if your video needs to be captioned, please refer to the Policy on Captioning of Video.