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911 Emergency Dialing

Updates have been made to ensure 911 calls are routed in the shortest possible time. Learn what you should do if you inadvertently dial 911.

It has long been the case that campus telephones can make an emergency call by dialing 911 or 9-911. However, emergency calls placed by dialing 911 took longer to start ringing than calls placed dialing 9-911. The delay was related to a misdial prevention feature. Misdial prevention has been removed, thus eliminating the delay. Either method of dialing now routes the call in the shortest possible time.

So What Should You Do if You Inadvertently Dial 911?

Don't hang up. If you realize you have accidentally called 911, please stay on the line until the dispatcher answers. You will save the dispatcher several minutes of valuable time by simply explaining you accidentally misdialed. If you hang up, they are required to call you back. If they cannot reach you, they must call Campus Police to have an officer dispatched to your office to ensure there's no actual emergency.