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UB Retiring; Bulldog Continuing

Because of the migration away from the hardware and Unix variant UB was using, and because of its changing role, it was decided to retire UB and utilize bulldog as its replacement.

UB History

The computing environment at UMD during the mid 1980's was much different than it is today. There were various systems running the VAX operating system from DEC that were used for business and statistics; these system names began with the letter "v". Then, due to an interest from computer science faculty and other adventure seekers, systems running the Unix operating system emerged. These system names began with the letter "u".

The early days of UB were marked with random and expected crashes and sluggish performance. "You be sorry" and UB was often found in the same sentence.

UB eventually moved to new hardware and a new variant of Unix, and became one of the most important systems at UMD when the VAX systems were retired and services such as email, in addition to business and coursework support, was centrally located on UB.

Eventually, by the mid 1990's, when email and the newly installed web server was overwhelming the system, these services were deployed onto other systems and the role of UB began to change. New systems such as bulldog emerged, running the same Unix version as UB but offering an environment of experimentation that did not impact the business use of UB.

By 2010, UB was mainly used by people who used Mathematica and SAS, and students learning programming. UB did not even exist as a physical system, being virtualized a few years earlier on hardware and a Unix variant fast becoming deprecated.

Because of the migration away from the hardware and Unix variant UB was using, and because of its changing role, it was decided in 2011 to not migrate UB to a new platform but instead revive bulldog as its replacement. The bulldog system is virtualized Debian Linux. The important services such as Mathematica and SAS once found on UB is also on their own virtual system.

At 0800 on 7 September 2012 UB was effectively disabled, with access only by ITSS staff. The hardware hosting the UB virtual system also hosts the system used by Samba. Samba is being migrated virtual Linux and, when completed, the hardware for UB will be powered off.

There Will Always be a "U" and a "B" in Bulldog

UB may be gone and replaced by bulldog, but it's comforting to know there will always be a "u" and a "b" in bulldog.

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