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Windows 8 Available

Windows 8 is now available for purchase on new computers and is available for upgrades on University-owned computers. Windows 8 is a combination tablet/desktop operating system, and sports a completely new interface.

Before purchasing or upgrading to Windows 8, you should note a few items:

  • Windows 8 is a vastly different operating system than Windows 7. Most reviews indicate that there is a high learning curve.
  • Windows 8 has a long list of hardware and other requirements to run properly.
  • As with any new OS, some business applications or hardware (printers, scanners, etc.) may not be fully compatible with Windows 8.
  • Computers using Active Directory (AD) services should not be upgraded at this time.
  • ITSS will be providing limited technical support for Windows 8 for Fall semester 2012.

For additional information, please consult: Windows 8 Support.