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Classroom Exams Taken Online in Moodle

We have been receiving an increasing number of requests to have students take a test online in Moodle while in the classroom. In nearly all classroom cases, this will work without issue. The exceptions are our large lecture hall environments.

Wireless access in the large halls has been designed for normal Internet access. "Normal" means not everyone is actively accessing a web site, email or some other Internet service at the same time. When students are taking an online test, whether in Moodle or some other system, many more people are accessing an Internet service at the same time. In order for this to work, the density of wireless access points in the hall needs to be increased, and this increased density requires a change in the design of how the wireless access points communicate with each other.

This kind of work has been done in some of our large lecture halls, but many still need to be upgraded. ITSS is planning for this work, but in the short term we suggest you contact us if you are planning on doing online testing to make sure the hall you are in can accommodate this.

Other considerations include:

  • students have laptops or other mobile devices with them
  • battery charge is sufficient to make it through the exam

Please contact Bruce Reeves ( if you are planning an online test in a lecture hall.