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New Managers in ITSS

ITSS has hired Chuck Bosell and Kevin Wu as our two new managers. They started in their new roles on February 18.

Photo:Chuck Bosell
Chuck Bosell

Chuck will lead and direct the telecommunications, data network, data center, server rooms, and classroom technology staff and functions for ITSS. He will also sponsor and assist the student supervision team. Chuck has had a long career at ITSS, but he has also worked for UMD Facilities Management and for Telecommunications Services at UMTC.

Photo: Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu

Kevin will lead and direct the application development and system administration staff and functions for ITSS. Kevin joined our staff just this past August as an application developer. Prior to coming to UMD, he worked at Banker's Toolbox in Austin, Texas, Beijing HuiyuanJiaXun High Technology Corporation, and Beijing Suntech Software Engineering Corporation, these last two in Beijing, China.

Chuck and Kevin will be replacing two long-time managers, Steve Patterson who retired in early January, and Dan Burrows, who will be retiring in early summer. Steve and Dan have each been with UMD for over 30 years. We are most proud of their many accomplishments and wish them happy and productive years in retirement.