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Aleeha's Accessibility Story

In the video, Aleeha's Accessibility Story, a zoology major at Miami University who is blind and is studying to be a veterinarian speaks to how new accessible technology has enabled her life and gives some uplifting advice.

Software and hardware have very recently been made accessible. The minute it got into my hands I was just extremely excited because, as soon as I started to work with it, as soon as we started using it in practical applications, it was a huge change. Because suddenly I didn't have to rely totally on a lab partner or an assistant...

With the proper technology and the proper attitude by the people, a blind person can go into this field...

There are many things that I could say to a young woman who is going into science. The main thing I would say is "You can do it". I don't care what you go through. I don't care how many tests you get back that indicate that maybe you're not doing so well in the class. I don't care how many bad days you have because it's all worth it in the end. To get an accessible experience in labs and in lectures. To learn about all these interesting things that sighted people are doing that maybe we're not included in, and it's about time that we're included in them. So just keep pushing because we're gonna do it, and I have a feeling it's going to be soon.

A transcript of the video, "Aleeha's Accessibility Story," is available. The video was produced by Deque, a web accessibility software company. It is the first in their Accessibility Stories: Real People, Real Lives series of videos of people who are enabled through accessible technology.

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