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Communities of Practice

For about the past year, IT professionals at UMD have increasingly taken part in opportunities to have a voice in System priorities and implementation of information technology. Many of us are involved in Communities of Practice (CoPs) around various IT initiatives. From the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Communities of Practice Web site:

As IT professionals at the University of Minnesota, it is imperative that we accept our role as "doers," not "direction setters." Everyone at the University needs to be able to tell us what they need from IT. There are many (sometimes conflicting) ideas about what IT should be doing. We need to listen to all of these voices, and have the faculty, the governance groups, the deans, and our business partners direct our work.

When the IT governance process delivers a priority to us, the IT community, or identifies a topic or problem for exploration, the IT Leadership Community of Practice charges a new formal CoP (fCoP) to do that work, or an informal CoP (iCoP) forms.

More information can be found at the OIT Communities of Practice site.