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Faculty Evaluations

As you might have noticed fall semester, evaluation results returned looked different than they have in the past. ITSS is using a new scanning program to process the evaluations. Using this new software, Remark, has allowed us to process evaluations three times faster and produce better reports with better graphics.

Because student evaluations forms are used for tenure, promotion and salary decisions and to review and improve teaching, we feel that it is essential to give you the most accurate results possible. While the forms remain the same for this semester, there are some things that we need done to make the scanning process of these forms run smoothly and accurately.

  • Accurate course call numbers need to be on the cover sheet.
  • Use pencil as the scanner cannot read pen.
  • Only one answer is allowed per question; multiple answers are considered "blank".
  • No stray marks can be on the form except in the provided spaces.
  • Duplicate report requests need to come from faculty.
  • Course call number is needed along with an EFS budget string to charge.
  • Do not retain a stock pile of evaluations because the form will change slightly with our spring order.

In the past it was acceptable to put a "made up" number in the course call number, however, this is no longer the case. We need the courses legitimate course call number on the cover sheet. You can look up a course call number in many ways. Typically the easiest method is by going to the course search page.

Illustration: Course Number