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Google Update

An opt-in deadline for alumni and retirees has been reached; a new application (App) and blog are offered; and our domain remains secure.

UMD alumni and retirees had been invited into our Google Apps domain over the past few months. During spring break week, they reached a deadline and now will be required to opt into Google Apps when they attempt logging into our legacy email system.

A new App called Google Keep has been released by Google. It is similar to EverNote and other Apps that organize lists, images, notes, etc. More about this App can be found at Google Keep - Save what's on your mind.

For a running list of past and upcoming updates to our Google Apps domain, check out the Google Apps Update Alerts blog.

Our Google Apps domain is a safe and secure place to put your data. Google is contractually obligated to keep our data private and secure. The one exception to this is information protected by HIPAA. This limitation is a legal issue, not a technical or data security issue. Because HIPAA regulations require us only to store data with third party vendors that have signed a special agreement, we can't use Google Apps for HIPAA protected data at this time. However, other sorts of private and secure data can go into our Google Apps domain. For more security information please consult the Google Apps Security Policy.