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ITSS Help Desk Provides Triage and Quick Fixes

Photo: Person at Help Desk

The TechCenter is our first stop for customer service in ITSS. The Help Desk is part of the Tech Center. Staff at the Help Desk answer phone, email, and chat requests for assistance. Although the Help Desk is able to answer many questions directly, their primary role is to triage problems and assign them to the ITSS staff member or team best qualified to solve them.

During the first half of fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012), the Help Desk answered 9,350 calls for assistance. Of these, 4,226 (45 percent) were resolved immediately. An additional 1593 (17 percent) were solved by Help Desk staff, although not immediately. In total, the Help Desk was able to resolve 62 percent of all calls coming in. The remaining calls resulted in a service ticket being issued and follow-up assistance offered by other professional staff in ITSS, most often by the members of the ITSS Desktop Support Team.

Staff who work at the Help Desk are chosen for their customer-service skills and their ability to understand and assign problems appropriately. They are great IT generalists, but they are not experts in all IT problems. Many of them are student employees, who are getting on-the-job customer-service experience working for ITSS. Because questions requiring different types of expertise come in less frequently, it is most efficient for us to use this triage method to assign this work.

Much as we wish we could answer every question and solve every problem on the first call for help, the cost of such a service would be prohibitive. We ask our customers to understand and appreciate the Help Desk for what it provides and recognize that some questions will need to be referred.