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Multimedia Hub in High Demand

The Hub is a great place! Just ask the students and faculty of the 116 classes that used the Hub last semester for tours and tutorials. This number represents a growth of twenty-six classes up from Fall 2012. All of the student employees at the Hub are skilled in video and photo production and are available when students need help with their projects.

Photo of Hub students with equipment

The Multimedia Hub continues to attract new classes for tours and use of the Hub for video production. Three additional film documentary classes are coming to the Hub this spring and a new requirement for student teachers by the state of Minnesota has 100 more students now requiring video submission of their teaching skills for acceptance to obtain their Minnesota teaching license. Although cameras are in high demand Hub employees are managing to juggle reservations so every student can film as needed. This could prove to be a challenge when finals draw near.

The Hub has produced some really great videos for various departments. Here are a few now on YouTube:

Check out the Hub today, located in Library 260.