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Policy Update: Secure Data Deletion and Secure Disposal of Equipment

Please review this important policy regarding disposal of data and equipment:

When a computer or electronic device will no longer be used, it needs to be properly disposed of. See Administrative Procedure: Disposing of University Equipment for details. A "secure deletion" program must be used to permanently remove data from hard disks and media prior to transfer or disposal of hardware. Permanent media (e.g., CD's, etc) or non-operational media must be physically destroyed. If media is not operational or can't be wiped, it must be sent to the University disposal vendor for physical destruction.

After University use, media (whether operational or not) must not be returned to the vendor unless securely wiped. Most vendors offer a "no return to vendor" option for malfunctioning media when purchasing computers. Copiers, printers, and multi-function devices with hard drives or other storage media must be securely deleted before return to the vendor or the media must be physically destroyed.