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April 2013 Archives Online Training Now Available online training is now available at no cost to University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff systemwide on all campuses. is a library of online training videos that provides access to more than 1,700 courses for all skill levels in more than 140 specialties including:

University users will log in using their University Internet ID and password in order to access training videos available on's vast library is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and contains thousands of professional-grade Windows and Mac video tutorials, on a vast array of topics from design principles, to web content management systems, to software for printing and much more. utilizes expert instructors that are experts in their fields, and whose mission is to impart knowledge regarding correct workflow and to teach users how to develop skills required to solve problems. The partnership between the University and the experts at allows us to provide a level of professional development and expertise the University alone could not otherwise provide.

Organized by subject software and instructor,'s content is constantly growing, and is updated weekly and sometimes daily. University users can attend the training they want and need, when and where they want it, with the assurance that the information they receive is the newest and most up-to-date available.

There's even a free iPhone/iPad app to enable users to learn on-the-go is available. As displayed in the screen capture below, simply click on the option for Web Portal Access and type You will be directed to log in with your University credentials.

For further information consult the Office of Information Technology (OIT) training website.

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Policy Review: Data Security

It is the responsibility of all faculty and staff to do their best to secure any private data to which they may have access.

For a definition of private data, consult Examples of Public, Private, and Confidential Information. This includes student information (grades), HR information, credit card information, and protected health information, among others.

Often times breaches are simply a result of human error. Please be aware of the following risks.

  • Posting private data on a web site or server share without properly ensuring authorization to access. Identity controls must ensure that a student, or employee has access only to his or her own data. For students this includes scores on assignments and exams. For employees, this includes but is not limited to sick leave documentation, performance evaluations, etc.
  • Inadequate access control (with routine review) to any research data that is intellectual property, which would be invalidated if unauthorized access were to occur.
  • Saving a file with private data to a web site, most often by storing in the myweb drive. Files stored on myweb are automatically made public under the assumption that web sites are intended for public information. Store all private data on myfiles, Active Directory, or NetFiles.
  • Sharing your password is against policy. Please review these password tips.

If you do become aware of a security breach, please report it immediately to the ITSS Help Desk (, 8847), Linda Deneen (, 7588), or directly to Please be aware of this policy, Reporting and Notifying Individuals of Security Breaches.

If you have any questions regarding current or future storage of private data, please don't hesitate to ask for recommendations.

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New ITSS Staff Member

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new ITSS staff member. Aaron Richner will be joining our staff on May 6.

Aaron will be working on web development and programming projects. He currently provides web development support at The College of St.Scholastica, where he has been employed since 2009. Previously, he worked at The Fray Magazine, The Sportsman's Guide, and Advanstar/Questex Media Group.

Please join me in welcoming Aaron to UMD.

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The Worth of Accessibility

In the video, IT Accessibility: What Campus Leaders Have to Say, university presidents, chief information officers, and other information technology (IT) leaders speak to the worth of accessibility. Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in education and ensuring campus technology is accessible to everyone who needs it before it is adopted are key takeaways.

A transcript of the video Accessibility: What Campus Leaders Have to Say is available. It was produced by the AccessComputing project, run by the department of computer science and engineering and the Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology Center at the University of Washington, the video with funds from the National Science Foundation.

Further Information

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: Microsoft Dropped Support for Windows 98 and NT4

In May 2003 Microsoft announced their discontinuance of support for their Windows 98 and NT4 operating systems. ITSS recommended that all workstations using the Windows 98 or NT4 operating systems be upgraded to a more recent version of a Windows operating system.

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ITSS By The Numbers: Desktop Team

The ITSS Desktop Team improves planning and delivery of desktop support services for UMD faculty, staff and students, helping them to be successful and independent in their work with electronic information and computing applications.

From July 1 through December 31, 2012, the ITSS Desktop Team resolved 1300 requests for assistance, which came in through the ITSS Help Desk.

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AD SCCM: Flash, Air updates

The following software packages will be deployed to AD/SCCM clients starting at 4pm today (4/10/13). These address level 1 security vulnerabilities.

  • Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.169 - ActiveX (IE)
  • Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.169 - Plugin (Firefox)
  • Adobe Air

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