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Campus Cash to Card System Replaced

Quick Facts Regarding the New System

  • All U Cards will work with the new system.
  • Old Campus Cash cards will not work with the new system - we will provide a replacement at the Cashier's Window in Darland Lobby.
  • You need to visit the Cashier's Window in Darland Lobby if you have value from the old system that you want to transfer to the new systems.
  • Value transfers need to be done this semester and before December 20, 2013 while the old system is still available.
  • Terms and Conditions (PDF) are available.

More Explanation About the New Technology and Why We Made the Change

If you look carefully at the back of your current U Card, you will see that there are two magnetic strips (this is true for U Cards issued before Spring 2013 - newer U Cards will only have the data strip necessary for the new system).

Legacy UCard with two strips: Data on top and Campus Cash on bottom.

The thicker strip near the top of the card is much like any ID or credit card - it contains some identifying information about you. The thin magnetic strip near the bottom of the card is more like a disk drive - it actually stores re- writeable data. It has been used to track cash value for things like Chemistry equipment, parking, and printing. This technology, supported by a company called Debitek, is at the end of life and will no longer be supported by commercial vendors, so we can't get help fixing or replacing it anymore.

The new system will rely on the wider strip and cash value will be tracked in a database separate from the U Card, much more like Dining Dollars are currently tracked. We expect the new system to be easy to use and to have added security and convenience. There will be a transition period for customers to use up or transfer existing Debitek funds. Watch for more details soon.

If you had value on your U Card before Fall Semester 2013, you will need to visit the Cashier's Window in the Darland Administration Building Lobby to get the value transferred into the new system. All U Cards, old or new, will work with the system as long as they are in reasonably good condition.

You must transfer value before December 20, 2013. After that, the old system will be shut down and there will be no way to transfer value from old to new. Consult the Terms and Conditions (PDF) for further information.