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Large Lecture Hall Wireless Upgrade

During the summer, ITSS network staff improved wireless service in all large lecture halls on campus. While the previous wireless service in those rooms was adequate to allow for occasional wireless access during class, it was not sufficient to support an entire large class of students to take an exam online all at one time.

ITSS purchased a new tool that allows us to heat-map the wireless coverage of an area and calculate the best position and power levels to install wireless access points at. Here's Bohannon 90 before upgrades.

Diagram: Wireless coverage in center of the room is poor. Better coverage indicated at corners of the room by access points.

We installed additional access points in most rooms and added directional antennas in some rooms to augment the standard omni-directional antennas. We also upgraded network head-end equipment to provide gigabit connectivity to all of the classroom access points.

ITSS would like to hear from faculty and students using large lecture halls. Contact or call 218-726-8847. ITSS recommends testing the new system by asking all students to connect to Moodle using wireless and doing some low-stakes activity before attempting to do a full exam.