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Moving Your Mailman List into Google Groups

Icon: Google GroupsLike most of the transition from "legacy" products and platforms into Google Apps, the transition from our older email list technology "Mailman" into Google Groups will be optional at first. Later this Fall Semester we will make a push to try to get all remaining Mailman users to move into Google Groups to save continued staff time and effort - and eventually we will support only Google Groups.

Google Groups replaces all functionality from Mailman but also does a lot more. For details visit Google Groups.

You can move your Mailman List to a Google Group now by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Requesting a Group page.
  2. Click the link: "Request group by using the Official University Group Form".
  3. Pick "Convert UMD Mailman List" under the "Action" pull down menu.
  4. Add all your members to the group and change any settings you want.

In the meantime, your mailman list still works, so there is no disruption in service. But you will have to email and let her know when your group is set up and ready to go (members added etc) and then she will change the mail redirect to your new group versus the mailman list.