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New Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

ITSS will be retiring on October first and we now have a new SSL VPN Service available.

Summary of Changes

  • Latest AnyConnect Client with Windows 8 support
  • New hardware to replace 7+ year old device
  • Redundant network feeds provide higher availability
  • Automated user sanctioning for incident response
  • Added connection profiles, which allow custom access for groups of users
  • no longer accepted

What Users Will See

  • A banner message from umdvpn at login that instructs them to reconfigure their client.
  • Users who choose to remain on the old VPN for the time being can simply select "Accept" on the banner message.
  • On October first the pop-up banner will be changed to notify users that they will be disconnected after one minute.
  • At that point you will no longer be able to use the old VPN.

For futher information please visit VPN Service: Virtual Private Network.