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October 2013 Archives

January 4-5: Planned Data Center Outages

ITSS and the Office of Information Technology Twin Cities have scheduled concurrent maintenance outages.

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Limited 24x7 Technical Support now Available

ITSS is partnering with the 1-Help Service Desk to offer limited 24x7 technical support for the UMD campus.

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ITSS Manager by Day, Jujutsu Sensei by Night

Jason Davis is not only ITSS manager of Academic Support and Finance, he is also the jujutsu club's sensei (teacher).

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013 | Permalink

Bomgar Allows ITSS to Help You Wherever You Are

Bomgar will enable ITSS to remotely access and fix nearly any computer or device you may have, running any platform, located anywhere in the world.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: Mac VPN Client

In November 2003 ITSS made a VPN installer available for Macintosh operating systems.

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ITSS By The Numbers: Classroom Team

The ITSS Classroom Team ensures access to a wide variety of classroom equipment and services in support of instruction at UMD.

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Policy Review: Data Security

It is the responsibility of all faculty and staff to do their best to secure any private data to which they may have access.

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Higher Ed Accessibility Lawsuits

Disability rights organizations and students with disabilities have filed lawsuits against numerous universities and colleges in the recent past.

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 23, 2013 | Permalink

eduroam: International Roaming for Higher Education

Learn how eduroam helps travelers, institutions, and most importantly how you can use it.

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Data Encryption Made Easy

Data encryption - required by University policy for some devices - is now easier to implement thanks to SCCM technology.

Posted on Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 | Permalink

Faculty Fellows Offer Opportunities

Interested in teaching online and/or using technology to enhance teaching? Eve Browning and Abram Anders are working one-on-one and with groups of faculty.

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ePortfolio Replacement Project

ePortfolio has been a valuable tool. However, times and circumstances have changed, requiring the evaluation of new options.

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013 | Permalink

Beta Testing the New UMD-Secure Wireless

Join the new Beta Bulldogs testers group and help test UMD-secure wireless.

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10 Web Accessibility Tips

If you are a Web content author, designer, or developer - pick up some tips to make your work more inclusive to all.

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Emergency Notification System Enhancements

New TXT-U features now allow us to send emergency messages to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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A New Process to Track Changes

ITSS has established a change management process to track, authorize, and document changes in order to increase service quality and reduce risks.

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New ITSS Staff Member: Gregory Mattsen

ITSS has added a staff member to our system administration team.

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Using TurnItIn? Have an iPad?

From obtaining originality reports to using a grading rubric, a new TurnItIn iPad app enables a number of functions in Moodle.

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ITSS By The Numbers: Management Team

The ITSS Management Team effectively and efficiently plans, organizes, directs, and controls organizational resources in pursuit of organizational goals. The team pays special attention to our most important resource, our staff members.

From January 1 through July 31, 2013, the ITSS Management Team:

  • provided management services for 39 professional staff and 58 student employees.
  • hired four new staff and celebrated the retirement of two senior managers.
  • recorded 22 compliments and 6 complaints about ITSS services.
  • supported 567 staff hours of internal training and 560 staff hours of external training.

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Policy Update: Guidelines for Announcements

UMD provides several large email lists for broadcasting messages to the campus, including the most commonly used, Email lists with large subscription have the potential to inconvenience a large number of people when they are misused. Please review and use these guidelines to help reduce inconvenience and annoyance.

Common errors in using large email lists include:

  • Sending the same message too many times.
  • Fundraising without approval.
  • Announcing personal sales, requests for assistance, or dissemination of personal opinion.
  • Making a group reply to the entire list.

Help us minimize the amount of unwanted email by following these guidelines.

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Ten Years Ago in ITSS: Web Design Update Award

In October 2003 the Web Design Update won a Gold Award in the University of Minnesota's Communicators Forum Maroon and Gold competition. The Web Design Update continues to be published weekly and is mailed to members of the WebDev mailing list. It is published in conjunction with the Web Design Reference site. Both the digest and web site are intended as references for web designers and developers.

In 2003 Web Design Update served 190+ subscribers. Currently in its twelfth year it serves nearly 2,700 people from the University of Minnesota, universities throughout the United States and some from other countries.

The Web Design Update is a free service provided by the ITSS Web Team. If you are interested in web design and development, we invite you to join the mailing list and receive the award-winning Web Design Update.

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