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Beta Testing the New UMD-Secure Wireless

Join the new Beta Bulldogs testers group and help test UMD-secure wireless.

UMD-Secure wireless SSID utilizes the latest encryption and authentication standards of the IEEE 802.1x framework to provide a secure wireless connection.

UMD-Secure Wireless Background

In April 2013 ITSS decided to make this network hidden due to some stability issues we were having with it's authentication system.

This summer we replaced the authentication system with an open source solution called PacketFence. The new solution has been in place since August 21st. Since that time we have been testing internally within ITSS as well as with the academic technologists group.

Beta Bulldogs Testers Group

We consider UMD-Secure Wireless still in a testing phase, but are now opening it up to the rest of campus. If you are interested in helping us test, please join our Beta Bulldogs testers group. This is being run through a Google Group forum, where you will find instructions on how to connect to UMD-Secure as well as a place to leave feedback. For more information please visit Beta Bulldogs.