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Emergency Notification System Enhancements

New TXT-U features now allow us to send emergency messages to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

TXT-U Emergency NotificationAll University of Minnesota campuses have been using the TXT-U alert system for campus emergencies and school closings for a couple of years now. Until now, text alerts were the only method of message delivery that originated from the TXT-U system. Email messages regarding emergencies or weather closings were sent via email through another mechanism.

As administrators of the UMD TXT-U environment, ITSS, with help from External Affairs, recently activated additional features of the system to take advantage of social media.

From one common interface, we can now send messages or updates to the following:

We will be working on the last piece of the notification puzzle, the ability to update digital signage, during the course of the year.

All faculty, staff, and students are automatically enrolled in the TXT-U system. If you chose to opt-out at some point, you can sign up again. For futher information consult TXT-U.