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ePortfolio Replacement Project

ePortfolio has been a valuable tool. However, times and circumstances have changed, requiring the evaluation of new options.

ePortfolio's History

ePortfolio is a UM enterprise open source software application available to students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Since it was first introduced in 2000, ePortfolio has been used by 25,754 individuals associated with UMD; they have created and shared 52,649 portfolio presentations. Currently in its fifth major release (version 5.4), it is being used with increasing frequency. During the period between September 1, 2008 and September 1, 2009 there were 1,054,640 ePortfolio pages viewed by individuals who logged in to their ePortfolio accounts from 69 different countries.

ePortfolio is, at it's core, a collection of work developed across varied contexts over time. The portfolio can advance learning by providing students and/or faculty with a way to organize, archive and display pieces of work.

The UMD ePortfolio code has become untenable for long term support and has seen diminished use for the past few years, in part because our ability to support the obsolete code has become compromised over time. In order to support an environment for portfolio use and learning, we need to determine a replacement strategy and migration path. To that end, a project team has been tasked with developing a strategy for the next steps.

Moving Forward

The project team will identify the core capabilities necessary for a successful replacement product, establish a list of possible replacements, and situate those options on a continuum of cost and benefit tiers. We will also make recommendations about how this very valuable concept and philosophy should be carried forward. The team is working on an assessment tool to determine the needs / wants for a replacement and solicit wider stakeholder input to find the best potential replacement(s) for ePortfolio.

Project Team Members

  • Jerry Pepper, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education (Sponsor)
  • Linda Deneen, Director of ITSS (Sponsor)
  • Jason Davis (Team Leader)
  • Amanda Evans, ITSS
  • Shannon Godsey, Assessment
  • Jill Jenson, Writing Studies
  • Bruce Reeves, ITSS
  • Corbin Smyth, Student Life
  • Paul Treuer, Supportive Services
  • Julie Westlund, Career Services