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Video Captioning

Learn how captioning can help to create a more inclusive environment as well as how to meet UMD captioning requirements with our captioning service.

Why Caption Video?

Kerri Holferty, Associate Director of Access & Disability Services at Whatcom Community College explains:

A transcript of the Kerri Holferty's Video: "Accessibility" is available.

Benefits a Variety of People and Situations

Captions are beneficial to a wide variety of people and situations. They:

  • Can be read by people who benefit from seeing and hearing words together such as people with certain learning disabilities, or visual learners or English language learners.
  • Provide access where sound isn't allowed, such as on computers in labs that may not be equipped with speakers.
  • Are searchable, allowing people to search media files for a topic of interest.
  • Compensate for noisy backgrounds or for poor audio quality. 1
  • Clarify when the language is heavily accented. 1
  • Make words clearer when a person is unfamiliar with the subject terminology. 1
  • Allow a person who is deaf or hard of hearing to directly access audio information.


UMD Captioning Requirements
Audience Type Captioning Requirements
Undefined audience
(i.e., any video available to all on the web)
Defined audience with need
(i.e., a video restricted to a class with an identified individual needing captions.)
Defined audience with no need but with anticipated future use.
(i.e., a video restricted to a class without an identified individual needing captions but the video is likely to be used in the future.)
Strongly Recommended
Defined audience with no need and short term use.
(i.e., a video restricted to a class without an identified individual needing captions and the video will not be used long term.)
Not advised given current cost and effort

For further details consult Campus Policy on Captioning Video.

Captioning Service

Icon: Closed Captions The accessibility and technology team has a Captioning Service to help you caption videos.


Funding is provided to cover the cost of captioning in certain situations. If Disability Resources is aware that you have a student in your class who needs captioning, you will be alerted and an ITSS staff member will follow up with you to determine your needs and work with you.

1. Dietrich, G. & Johnson, J. (2007) DVD Captioning with Adobe Encore at AHEAD 2007 [PowerPoint slides].