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January 4 and 5: Scheduled ITSS Data Center Outage

Find out what is planned for and what will be affected by the upcoming maintenance outage.

Action Items and Service Impacts

The following describes action items planned for the January 4-5 data center outage as well as their potential impacts. Although we will try to minimize the impacts, we recommend you make arrangements beforehand to prepare for the unexpected.

Please notice the list is subject to change. The ITSS Web site and the UMD TechCenter Facebook site are some resources for more up-to-date information.

VCASSL and eGradebook2 Virtualization

The VCASSL is the server running applications for Student Life, including Admissions, Students In Transition, Office of Cultural Diversity, Office of Disability Resources, etc. eGradebook2 is the server supporting the UMD eGradebook. We plan to virtualize the two servers to harness the benefits provided by our virtualization infrastructure, such as lower cost and more robust computing environment. Another purpose is to avoid potential hardware failure. A single server virtualization process will take about one to two hours depending on the data size. The servers will be inaccessible completely during the virtualization process.

Department Directory Migration

The Department Directory will be migrated as a result of an old server retirement. During the migration, the campus directory update function will be disabled. The page will still be online for browsing. The entire migration process will take about four hours.

After the migration is done, ITSS will send out an update notice. If you have a web page that links to this directory, please be aware that the URL for the directory will change, so you must update your links.


This change is needed to allocate more IP space for our virtualization cluster. We do not expect any service disruption. If a problem does occur, only three low-risk servers will be affected.

New Nexus Switch Installation

The new Nexus switch will provide more bandwidth for our data center. In normal cases, only two servers will be affected for less than one minute.